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2P-10 Adhesives

Professional Wood Formula Adhesive

- Excellent gap filling capacity
- Great for binding joints
- Ideal for filling holes
- Sets in 10- Cures in 30 seconds
- 2-year shelf life guaranteed
- Triple distilled for purity
- 4000 PSI tensile shear
- Non-clogging pin-cap

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Brand FastCap
Size 10 oz


The activator may in some cases cause discoloration of PVC siding, tan granite colors, and some finishes used on wood. Test before using! Final results could take up to 5 days.
Before finishing, wipe all surfaces with denatured alcohol or appropriate prep solvent to remove any activator residue.


- Apply 2P-10 adhesive to one surface and 2P-10 activator to the other surface and assemble.
- 2 to 4 seconds for alignment, 10 seconds to set, and 30 seconds to cure.
- For more alignment time, do not use 2P-10 activator. Assemble the parts with just the adhesive and it will set in 10-20 seconds and cure in 5 minutes.


WARNING: Contains Cyanoacrylate. Bonds skin and eyes in seconds. For professional use only. Refrigerate for long term use Store in a cool place, below 70 Use in accordance with the MSDS Keep away from children Always wear eye protection Bonds skin instantly
2P-10 Adhesives

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