2P-10 Jel Tube Adhesive

2P-10 is an industrial-grade instant glue. It is triple distilled and acidically modified to work specifically with wood. Cabinet makers and carpenters love it and refer to it as the "ranch dressing" of glue - they use it on everything! Its greatest benefits are its speed and strength.

- Sets in 10 seconds
- Cures in 30 seconds
- Easy to sand within 60 seconds
- 2-year guaranteed shelf life
- Triple distilled for purity
- 4000 PSI tensile and sheer
- Non-clogging pin cap
- Dries crystal clear

- Will not run, great for vertical surfaces
- All purpose application

Product # 918850


Product number 918850
Brand FastCap
Details Jel
Size 10.1 oz*

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The activator may in some cases cause discoloration of PVC siding, tan granite colors, and some finishes used on wood. Test before using! Final results could take up to 5 days.
Before finishing, wipe all surfaces with denatured alcohol or appropriate prep solvent to remove any activator residue.
2P-10 Jel Tube Adhesive

Product number: 918850