2P-10 Solo Adhesive Kit

With 2P-10 you can easily glue the hardest joints in cabinetry without clamping!

The 2P-10 Solo kit contains 12 oz. of 2P-10 Solo activator and 2.25 oz of 2P-10 Solo Thick for use on porous surfaces such as particleboard.

10 seconds to bond, 30 seconds to cure!

Product # 916495


Product number 916495
Brand FastCap
Details Thick


The activator may in some cases cause discoloration of PVC siding, tan granite colors, and some finishes used on wood. Test before using! Final results could take up to 5 days.
Before finishing, wipe all surfaces with denatured alcohol or appropriate prep solvent to remove any activator residue.
2P-10 Solo Adhesive Kit

Product number: 916495