Franklin Assembly 433 - Fast Setting Industrial PVA Adhesive

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Fast-setting polyvinyl acetate emulsion adhesive. Ideal for general assembly applications thanks to its short clamp time and easy application characteristics.
Dried Film: Clear Green Weight: 44 lb 517 lb 2 535 lb Finish/Color: Green Green White White Packaging format: Per unit Per unit Per unit Select Options
Product # Dried Film Weight Finish/Color Packaging format
15006069700 Clear 44 lb White Per unit
15006069800 Clear 517 lb White Per unit
15006065048 Green 517 lb Green Per unit
150013606504 Green 2 535 lb Green Per unit


- Fast setting
- Short clamp time
- No formaldehyde
- One-component: great for general assembly & lamination
- 175.105 & 176.180 FDA Compliant


Recommended Use
Wood, Laminates, General-Use Glue
5 500 - 7 300 cps
Franklin Industrial
Fast Setting, Heavy-Duty, Superior Bond, No Formaldehyde
Standards and Certifications
Solid Content (Approx.)
41.5% - 44%
Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsion
Freeze/Thaw Stability
Keep From Freezing


Assembly Time:

The assembly time is influenced by many factors, some of which include glue spread, moisture content of the stock, porosity of the stock, environmental conditions and adhesive choice. Assembly times of five to ten minutes are approximate. It is best to see a bead of adhesive squeeze out around the perimeter of the bottom panel of the stack.

Press/Clamp Time:

Press times are dependent on the adhesive used, gluing stock type, moisture content of the stock, and environmental conditions. Press times can range from a minimum press time of 30 minutes to greater than two hours. Shorter times are required under ideal conditions when using soft wood species at moisture content slightly less than eight to ten percent and factory temperatures of 68 degrees Fahrenheit/20 degrees Celsius. Longer press times will be required for higher density species, higher moisture contents and colder factory temperatures. It is recommended that optimum press times be determined in actual plant conditions recognizing that seasonal changes may lead to variable requirements.

Machining/Post-process Conditioning:

After the minimum clamping time period, the panel will develop enough handling strength and can be removed and stacked out of the press. Twenty-four hours of cure is recommended before further machining. Three or four days may be required to eliminate sunken joints caused by residual moisture in the glue line.