ColorFlex Custom Colored Acrylic Latex Caulk with Silicone - Weight: 4 oz

Product №: CF800104


Dries to a matte finish

Custom colored acrylic latex caulk with silicone, ColorFlex is designed for corner and perimeter caulking of decorative surfaces.

Where flexibility is needed, ColorFlex is perfect for filling gaps and sealing places where components meet the walls, floors, cabinets, tiles or insets.

ColorFlex can be safely painted over, once it has completely dried.


Product №
Packaging Specifications
Squeeze Tube
Siliconized Acrylic Latex
Recommended Use
Interior, Counter, Cabinet, Laminates
4 oz
4 oz*

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One 4 oz tube (1/4" wide bead) covers approximately 10 feet.
After the component (counter, vanity, bath surround, etc.) is installed and the laminate seams have been filled with SeamFil, ColorFlex is used to seal the inside corners and perimeter of the component.

Recommended bead size is 3/16" to 3/8" across the face of the bead. If the bead is too small, it may crack or show signs of deterioration.


We do not recommend ColorFlex for outdoor use.
It fades and is not intended for contact with water on a regular basis. The same is true indoors.
ColorFlex should not be submersed in water for long periods of time.


ColorFlex can freeze up to 3 times. Shelf life from date stamped on tube is at least 12 months but no more than 18 months. ColorFlex White will yellow if exposed to sunlight for a long period of time and is not recommended for exterior applications.