2 in 1TM Seal & Bond

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All- Purpose

Loctite 2 in 1 Seal & Bond All-Purpose is formulated for sealing projects in and around the house. The Seal & Bond technology provides increased durability for a long lasting, flexible seal. Loctite 2 in 1 All-Purpose is easy to apply and tool and the cured product is weather-resistant, mold and mildew resistant and paintable in 40 minutes.
Finish/Color: Almond Clear Transparent White Color on Application: Almond White Base: Acrylic Latex Polymer Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsion Select Options
Product # Finish/Color Color on Application Base
RL90365 Almond Almond Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsion
RL90366 Clear Transparent White Acrylic Latex Polymer
RL90360 White White Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsion


- Possesses both Bonding and Sealing capabilities
- Mold and Mildew Resistant Seal
- Water Resistant and Permanently Flexible
- Paintable in 40 minutes
- Easy to Use
- Water Clean Up


Recommended Use
Interior, Exterior, Bathroom / Kitchen, Painted Surfaces, Wood
9.98 oz*
Packaging Specifications
Plastic Cartridge
Tooling Time
5 minutes
Heavy-Duty, Water Resistant, Weatherproof, Good Cold Flexibility, Superior Bond, Wash with Water, Paintable
VOC Concentration (EPA Method 24)
142 grams per liter

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Loctite 2 in 1 All-Purpose was designed to be a multiple use adhesive and caulk. It can be used for almost any household or remodelling project. Use for gluing loose molding or tiles, securing backsplashes, setting sinks and even repairing or concealing small cracks in plaster, drywall or around molding and baseboards. It can even help to lower energy costs by sealing air leaks around windows and door sand other utility and plumbing penetrations. Bonds to almost any surface including wood, concrete, metal, ceramic, drywall, plaster, tiles and much more.