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Product # SARC0051

For anchoring and patching

Rockite is a hydraulic type cement compound. Typical applications are for setting floor closers in commercial doors or attaching side shoe rails on glass doors. Self-leveling Rockite is mixed with water and sets in 15 minutes. Within one hour, a compression strength of 4500 lbs per square inch is achieved.


Product #
Recommended Use
50 lb


Use Rockite for anchoring:
Bolts - Rods - Post - Machines - Motors - Partitions - Appliances - Railings - Conveyors - Racks - Seats - Deformed Bar - Tilt-up Connection

For interior applications.

Mixing Instructions:
To achieve a fluid consistency for pouring, use 4-1/2 ounces of water per pound of cement or 1-1/2 pints for five pounds of cement.


Compression Strengths:

1 Hour: 4,600 psi
24 Hours: 5,000 psi
7 Days: 8,000 psi

Yield Volume Calculations:

1 pound Rockite® Cement yields 18.75 cubic inches.
92 pounds Rockite® Cement yields one cubic foot.

WARNING: Due to the expansion properties of Rockite do not use Rockite for anchoring in cement that is narrow on top such as handicapped ramps, concrete construction barriers or concrete walls. When using Rockite always leave at least 4 inches from the edge of the concrete to the hole.