RFF Series Face Frame Hinge with Soft-Close

Product №: RFF30340048
Minimum quantity: 50
Fixing Type: Dowel Screw-On Overlay: 3/4 in 1/2 in 1 1/4 in 1 5/16 in 1 3/8 in 1 1/2 in Modify Options
Product № Fixing Type Overlay
RFF30340048 Dowel 3/4 in
RFF30120040 Screw-On 1/2 in
RFF30340040 Screw-On 3/4 in
RFF31140040 Screw-On 1 1/4 in
RFF315160040 Screw-On 1 5/16 in
RFF31380040 Screw-On 1 3/8 in
RFF31120040 Screw-On 1 1/2 in
RFF30120048 Dowel 1/2 in
RFF31140048 Dowel 1 1/4 in
RFF315160048 Dowel 1 5/16 in
RFF31380048 Dowel 1 3/8 in
RFF31120048 Dowel 1 1/2 in


Richelieu's soft-closing RFF hinges series is designed to offer the advantage of concealed hinges for small and large overlays for cabinetmakers and users of face frame cabinetry. The series features fast assembly and full adjustment with a progressive soft-closing mechanism technology to provide a smooth and soft-closing movement regardless of the door weight or size.


- Richelieu's reliability
- Progressive patented soft-close mechanism
- Wrap-around fixation
- 2 cams and 6 way adjustments
- KCMA approved
- Developed and tested not to slam


Product №
Hinge Opening Angle
Cabinet Type
Face Frame
Milling Depth
7/16 in*
Door Thickness
5/8 to 15/16 in*
Cabinet Thickness
3/4 in*
Closing Mechanism
Mounting Type
Wrap-around Mount
Milling Diameter
1 3/8 in*

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