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Concealed Brass Barrel Hinge - 420 Series

Product #: 420244130
Minimum Door Thickness: 1 1/4 in Dimension A: 15/16 in* Dimension B: 31/32 in* Dimension C: 1 3/8 in* Dimension D: 5/32 in* Dimension E: 1/8 in* Drill Bit: 15/16 in* Modify Options
Product number Minimum Door Thickness Dimension A Dimension B Dimension C Dimension D Dimension E
420244130 1 1/4 in 15/16 in* 31/32 in* 1 3/8 in* 5/32 in* 1/8 in*
420104130 1/2 in 13/32 in* 7/16 in* 5/8 in* 3/32 in* 1/16 in*
420124130 5/8 in 15/32 in* 17/32 in* 3/4 in* 3/32 in* 3/32 in*
420144130 3/4 in 9/16 in* 5/8 in* 29/32 in* 1/8 in* 1/8 in*
420164130 7/8 in 5/8 in* 21/32 in* 15/16 in* 1/8 in* 3/32 in*
420184130 1 1/8 in 23/32 in* 23/32 in* 1 1/16 in* 1/8 in* 1/8 in*


Invisible when closed

Richelieu's concealed hinges offer superior appearance and durability with contemporary and functional style. They easily install on light wooden doors to meet many application needs. Not recommended for vertical application.


Requires the following products

See Diameter options


Product number
Solid Brass
Type of Hinge
Wood Door Only
Use Type
Standard Door

Measures shown with an asterisk (*) have been converted as per your preference. These are not the official measures. To view the measures specified by the manufacturer, click here.


Easily installation: secure mounting in the wood door or panel is ensured by tightening the tension screw. To accommodate more demanding lightweight applications, the cylinders can be additionally secured by installing a chipboard or wood screw in the groove on the exposed end.


- Not recommended for vertical or load-bearing applications.
- No load recommendations available.
- Light applications only.


For use with light wooden doors. Ideal for cabinets and many other applications.
Concealed Brass Barrel Hinge - 420 Series

Product number: 420244130