Wind Lift System - Soft-Close

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Door Height: 8 21/32 to 15 3/4 in* 8 21/32 to 24 in* 12 5/8 to 24 in* Load Capacity: 2.2 to 11.5 lb* 5.73 to 12.6 lb* 3.09 to 15.9 lb* 9.7 to 32.2 lb* 13.7 to 41 lb* System Type: Wind D Wind F Wind I Wind S Wind W Select Options
Product number Door Height Load Capacity System Type
FRAKFEXWSN9 8 21/32 to 15 3/4 in* 2.2 to 11.5 lb* Wind W
FRAKFEXDSN9 8 21/32 to 24 in* 3.09 to 15.9 lb* Wind D
FRAKFEXISN9 12 5/8 to 24 in* 5.73 to 12.6 lb* Wind I
FRAKFEXFSN9 12 5/8 to 24 in* 9.7 to 32.2 lb* Wind F
FRAKFEXSSN9 12 5/8 to 24 in* 13.7 to 41 lb* Wind S


Wind is a new innovative lift door system for flap doors. It stands out for its compact size, elegance and discretion. Thanks to its small size, it takes up minimal space, which makes it ideal for flap doors that are common in kitchens. The Wind Lift System contains an integrated damping system, for a soft closing or a push-to-open system for doors without a handle.

- Opening pressure mechanism (Push series)
- Door thickness - maximum: 28 mm (11/8"), minimum: 16 mm (5/8")
- Overlay from 16 mm to 20 mm
- Drilling of the door from 3 mm to 7 mm of the edge
- Depth adjustment: -1 mm, +3 mm
- Lateral adjustment: +2 mm, -2 mm
- Height adjustment: +2 mm, -2 mm


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Suitable for many applications including kitchens, office furniture, commercial cabinetry, and residential furniture.


- The system is available with an integrated soft-close feature or with the push-self opening feature for handle-less doors.
- Offered in a kit form and relies on only 5 force levels to satisfy a very large range of door sizes and weights.
- Easy adjustments can be made with only a screwdriver which increases the versatility of the system.
- Installation on the door is as simple as boring a 35 mm hinge cup hole. Positioning and installation in the cabinet is equally as easy.


One Wind kit consists of a right and left mechanism, 2 door cups, and a left and right mechanism housing


Cover kits are sold separately. A cover kit includes a left and right cover plus 2 cover caps.

Select the arm according to the type of tension (color springs), the capacity, including the hardware and the height of the door. For more information on spring capacities, refer to the technical documents.


Wind Lift System - Soft-Close

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