Kits AVENTOS HS with SERVO-DRIVE Lift System

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Door Height: 20 3/4 to 21 1/2 in* 21 1/2 to 22 1/4 in* 22 1/4 to 23 in* Load Capacity: 12.7 to 26.5 lb* 13.2 to 27 lb* 13.8 to 27.6 lb* Select Options
Product number Door Height Load Capacity
WEBKIT1003062 20 3/4 to 21 1/2 in* 13.8 to 27.6 lb*
WEBKIT1003064 21 1/2 to 22 1/4 in* 13.2 to 27 lb*
WEBKIT1003066 22 1/4 to 23 in* 12.7 to 26.5 lb*


Lift systems can open with just a light touch-- and close again at the press of a button. SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS is our new electrical motion support system for lift systems.


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Type of Opening
Swing Opening
Door Type
Wood Door
Servo Drive

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Effortless opening and smooth closing for up-and-over lift doors. Designed for doors 15" to 72" (381 mm to 1.8 m) in width and from 13 3/4" to 27" (349 mm to 685.8 mm) in height. Easy to install and adjust. Offers the possibility of using two shelves.
- Integrated BLUMOTION device offers soft-closing.
- Lift systems can also be easily opened and closed manually at any time in the event of power failure, or to retrieve an object in the bottom part.
- Completely safe, even after the switch has been pressed: closing is halted immediately if an object is placed between the cabinet and the front.
- For corner solutions: with the collision avoidance function, you can set drive units so that only one front opens at a time.
- The door swings up and over, reducing the risk of obstruction with crown molding on top of the cabinet. (Please see clearance space given in the technical drawings on the product page.)


Ideal for upper cabinets with large fronts.

Perfectly suited for contemporary kitchens.
These sets are comprised of different opening mechanisms:
- 20S2B00N5: from 13 25/32" (350 mm), for a 9.9 lb to 20.9 lb load (4.5 kg to 9.5 kg), to 20 21/32" (525 mm), for a 7.16 lb to 16.5 lb load (3.25 kg to 7.5 kg)
- 20S2C00N5: from 13 25/32" (350 mm), for a 20.39 lb to 23.14 lb load (9.25 kg to 10.5 kg), to 20 21/32" (525 mm), for a 16.5 lb to 33.07 lb load (7.25 kg to 15 kg)
- 20S2E00N5: from 20 22/32" (526 mm), for a 13.77 lb to 28.6 lb load (6.25 kg to 13 kg), to 26 18/32" (675 mm), for a 11.02 lb to 24.25 lb load (5 kg to 11 kg)


- Maximum of three SERVO-DRIVE units per transformer.
- For doors with frames less than 22 mm or between 22 and 47 mm in width, we recommend the use of mounting brackets for narrow frames.
- For doors more than 1219 mm wide, use two stabilizer rods and one connection piece kit.
Kits AVENTOS HS with SERVO-DRIVE Lift System

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