AXIAL Drawer With Gallery Rails - 84 mm Height

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Length: 11 3/4 in* 13 3/4 in* 15 3/4 in* 17 3/4 in* 19 5/8 in* 21 5/8 in* Finish: White Dark Gray Dark Gray Silver Gray Silver Gray Select Options
Product № Length Finish
WEBKIT1245654 11 3/4 in* White
WEBKIT1245655 13 3/4 in* White
WEBKIT1245656 15 3/4 in* White
WEBKIT1245657 17 3/4 in* White
WEBKIT1245658 19 5/8 in* White
WEBKIT1245659 21 5/8 in* White
WEBKIT1245666 11 3/4 in* Dark Gray
WEBKIT1245667 11 3/4 in* Silver Gray
WEBKIT1245661 13 3/4 in* Dark Gray
WEBKIT1245668 13 3/4 in* Silver Gray
WEBKIT1245662 15 3/4 in* Dark Gray
WEBKIT1245669 15 3/4 in* Silver Gray
WEBKIT1245663 17 3/4 in* Dark Gray
WEBKIT1245670 17 3/4 in* Silver Gray
WEBKIT1245664 19 5/8 in* Dark Gray
WEBKIT1245671 19 5/8 in* Silver Gray
WEBKIT1245665 21 5/8 in* Dark Gray
WEBKIT1245672 21 5/8 in* Silver Gray


The AXIAL metal drawer features slim double panels with straight and symmetrical lines. With its simple, stylish, and timeless design, AXIAL is perfectly suited to all your woodworking projects.

The slim drawer panels offer maximum storage, and are available in a variety of finishes for a perfect match with your decor.

This kit includes one 84 mm drawer kit and one pair of gallery rails for a personalized height.


- Perfect movement: soft-close and opening with gears for unmatched stability
- Simple and easy assembly: AXIAL works without a locking device
- Versatile: offered in three splendid finishes as well as various depths and heights
- Perfect installation: AXIAL offers three-dimensional adjustment, for a perfect fit along lateral, height, and incline dimensions
- Reliable quality and lasting value: KCMA certification and Richelieu lifetime warranty


3 5/16 in*
Product Line
Motion Technology
Load Capacity
88.2 lb*
Standards and Certifications
Cabinet Model
Lateral Rails
Drawer Panels
Double Thin
Slide Extension
Full Extension

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- Kitchen and pantry drawers
- Bathroom vanity drawers
- Office and living room furniture drawers
- Commercial and hospitality projects


- Slides
- Drawer panels
- Covers with embossed logo
- Front fixtures
- Back fixtures
- Gallery rails
AXIAL Drawer With Gallery Rails - 84 mm Height
AXIAL Drawer With Gallery Rails - 84 mm Height
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