Pantry kits - X series bracket with pilaster

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X-Series Bracket System for Roll-Out Shelves in Pantry

The X-Series Bracket System is a revolutionary product that provides affordable, high-quality, tool-free adjustability for roll-out shelving systems.
The patented metal brackets screw to under mount slides and, with a simple push/swing motion, lock firmly into the wood pilaster.

- Prefinished solid maple pilasters
- Pilasters can be ripped down to maximum roll-out size
Additional Information: 20 brackets & (4) 1-1/4" x 58-5/8" pilasters 20 brackets & (4) 2-1/2" x 58-5/8" pilasters Select Options
Product # Additional Information
XB550N 20 brackets & (4) 1-1/4" x 58-5/8" pilasters
XB550 20 brackets & (4) 2-1/2" x 58-5/8" pilasters


Tool-free, post-installation adjustability allows users the flexibility to quickly and easily change their shelving configuration to adapt to their evolving needs.

The X-Series Bracket System's solid, Appalachian Maple pilasters and high-strength metal brackets have been tested to withstand 400,000+ open/close cycles with a 100-pound load without any impact on function.

The X-Series Bracket System is highly marketable because it meets the needs of today's consumers by providing them with convenience (adjustability) and quality (durability) at a great value.


The X2 Bracket is compatible with both sides and under mounted slide systems. This allows the X-Series Bracket System to be used with most industry standard slides.
Installation is quick and easy for kitchen builders and simple to use and adjust for homeowners.


Kits come with the patented X-Series Brackets, screws, and pilasters.


- Available in pilaster widths of 1.25" and 2.5"
* 1.25" are for frameless kitchens and face frame kitchens with compact hinges
* 2.5" are for face frame kitchens with two-piece hinges