X series Bracket for Roll-Out Shelves

Product №: XBONLY1
Box of 4
Additional Information: Includes 4 brackets (for 1 rollout shelf) Packaging format: Box of 4 Modify Options
Product № Additional Information Packaging format
XBONLY1 Includes 4 brackets (for 1 rollout shelf) Box of 4
XBONLY50 Includes 200 brackets (for 50 rollout shelfs) Box of 200


X-Series Bracket and Screws

X series Bracket for roll-out shelves in base cabinet & pantry.

Combining the ease of adjustability and the concrete durability makes the X-series bracket system the most marketable system today, the patented metal brackets screw to under mount slides and, with a simple push/swing motion, lock firmly into the wood pilaster. Works with side mount and under mount slides. Tool-free adjustability allows users to move their shelves up or down after the kitchen is installed.

Tested for over 400000 open/close cycles. The solid maple pilasters and patent pending brackets will last as long as your kitchen.

Buy the patented X-Series Bracket individually to go with your own pilasters.


Tool-free, post-installation adjustability allows users the flexibility to quickly and easily change their shelving configuration to adapt to their evolving needs.

The X-Series Bracket System's solid, Appalachian Maple pilasters and high-strength metal brackets have been tested to withstand 400,000+ open/close cycles with a 100-pound load without any impact on function.

The X-Series Bracket System is highly marketable because it meets the needs of today's consumers by providing them with convenience (adjustability) and quality (durability) at a great value.