Riverso System

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A sliding system that allows drawers to open from both sides of a cabinet

A revolutionary hidden and bidirectional sliding system that allows drawers to open from both sides of a cabinet.

The unique Riverso concept allows for easy access to drawer contents and eliminates unnecessary steps.

When installed in a kitchen island or room separator, it optimises the flow between rooms. The Riverso system is unique, allowing a single drawer to open in either direction. When one side is open, the other stays closed.

Riverso more than meets expectations for ease and convenience of operation. The system is built on a smooth-running, synchronised extension rail with a 46 kg (101.4 lb) capacity. Features include a soft-close mechanism and a pressure-activation option for one side, allowing for a handle-free drawer front.
Length: 20 7/8 in* 24 in* 29 7/8 in* Depth: 20 7/8 to 24 in* 24 to 29 7/8 in* 29 7/8 to 35 3/8 in* Select Options
Product # Length Depth
200248104 20 7/8 in* 20 7/8 to 24 in*
200248204 24 in* 24 to 29 7/8 in*
200248304 29 7/8 in* 29 7/8 to 35 3/8 in*


- Full access to all drawer contents from both sides of a cabinet or island
- Allows for exchanging material between two rooms via a single drawer
- Saves time and increases workflow efficiency
- Innovative solutions available for specific applications
- Both drawer fronts are customisable in all 3 dimensions


Load Capacity
101 lb*
Motion Technology
Slide Mounted

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For a smooth Riverso installation experience, call customer service or your sales representative and ask for the planner aid.


- Commercial and pharmaceutical cabinets
- Laboratories
- Communicating cabinets and islands to join kitchen and living spaces
- Beauty salons

Mounts onto reinforced intermediate drawer bottoms.

Element width: 550 mm - 915 mm (21.65 in - 36 in)
Cabinet depth: 530 mm - 900 mm (20.86 in - 35.43 in)
Weight capacity: 46 kg (101.4 lbs)
Facade height: < 250 mm (9.84 in)