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Pull-Out Organizer for Base Cabinet

Birch/maple pull-out with a clear UV finish to blend with any kitchen décor as well as chrome-plated rails to add polish. Features full-extension triple slides to minimize side-to-side motion and provide complete stability when pulling the system out of the cabinet. A high load rating lets you get the most from your storage space, and adjustable shelves keep your kitchen accessories organized.

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Interior Dimensions Required - Height Min. 25 5/8 in
Finish Maple
Material Wood
Type of mounting On sliding door
Load Rating Max. 100 lb
Opening With Door
Solutions Base Cabinets
Area of Activity Food Storage, Storage, Preparation


- High-quality full-extension triple slides for excellent stability.
- Adjustable shelves in height with chrome railing.
- Patented adjustable door mounting brackets that provide up to 5" flexibility for trouble free installation on any type of door style.
- Micro-adjustment screws allow precise door alignment.
- Protective cushions allow the product to be installed in cabinets with frames measuring 1-1/2", 1-3/4", and 1-5/8".


- Designed for 9", 12", and 15" full-height face frame base cabinets and 9" full-height frameless cabinets.


- 1 pull-out shelving system
- 3 adjustable shelves with chrome rails
- Adjustable door mounting brackets


Designed for full-height base cabinet door to be fabricated by the customer.
Pull-Out Organizer for Base Cabinet

To buy, select a product number or choose an option for Product Dimensions - Width option.