Magic Corner II Set for a Minimum Opening of 494 mm (19-7/16")

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Interior Dimensions Required - Width: 945 to 971 mm 962 to 1 171 mm Finish: Gray/Chrome Maple/Chrome Opening: Right Left Select Options
Product number Interior Dimensions Required - Width Finish Opening
WEBKIT1002487 945 to 971 mm Gray/Chrome Right
WEBKIT1002489 945 to 971 mm Gray/Chrome Left
WEBKIT1002488 945 to 971 mm Maple/Chrome Right
WEBKIT1002490 945 to 971 mm Maple/Chrome Left
WEBKIT1002491 962 to 1 171 mm Gray/Chrome Right
WEBKIT1002493 962 to 1 171 mm Gray/Chrome Left
WEBKIT1002492 962 to 1 171 mm Maple/Chrome Right
WEBKIT1002494 962 to 1 171 mm Maple/Chrome Left


- Mechanism designed to maximize available space in corner cabinets with hinged doors.
- Brand new sliding technology ensures that all components slide silently and effortlessly, even when the baskets are full.
- Opens manually.
- Front baskets pull out and swivel for easy viewing and access to the entire storage space.
- Rear baskets slide out for easy access to all stored items.
- Depending on the configuration you use, this system lets you make full use of over 80% of the storage space available.
- Features an ergonomic handle that can be adjusted in height.
- Laterally mounted deflection clips prevent the door from being damaged.
- An anti-slip covering on baskets prevents stored items from moving or falling when the system is operated.


Interior Dimensions Required - Depth
Min. 500 mm
Interior Dimensions Required - Height
Min. 545 mm
Front 10 kg (22 lb), Rear 8 kg (18 lb)
Opening Width
Min. 494 mm
Corner Cabinets
Area of Activity
Food Storage, Storage, Preparation



- Soft-motion slides for the rear baskets provide smooth closing
- Rear baskets that slide independently for the best access, letting you reach right to the back of the unit
- Elegant chrome rails
- SoftStopp included in the frame for the front baskets
- Baskets sold in sets of 4
- Frame can be width-adjusted
- Load capacity of front baskets: 10 kg (22 lb.) per basket
- Load capacity of rear baskets: 8 kg (17 lb.) per basket


Please note that the first page of the installation instructions shows a drawing representing left opening; the same dimensions apply to right-opening mechanisms.
Cabinet adjacent to opening side must not exceed 100 mm, or the mechanism will not work. Please see the technical drawing.
Magic Corner II Set for a Minimum Opening of 494 mm (19-7/16")

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