Not So Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan helps to perfectly organize your pans and skillets

Product # 14007100

Tray Diameter

32 in

Number of Trays

Not included

Opening Width

14 in


Product number 14007100
Interior Dimensions Required - Height 28 3/8 to 29 1/4 in
Finish Maple
Material Wood


Cleverly stores your pans and skillets.
Handle on the upper tray to spin to see and have immediate access to your pans.
3/4 shaped Susan in varnished maple
Delivered with 7 metal hooks but can take up to 17 hooks
Additional hooks sold in sets of two available separately no. 10988908
Assembled in minutes.
Drilling template included
Available in diameter of 71.12 cm (28") or 81.28 cm (32")
Model provided also without lower table to install or make your own table.
Not So Lazy Susan

Product number: 14007100