CONNECT 2.0 Sets

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Set Name: SET A SET B SET C SET D Product Dimensions - Width: 10 7/8 in* 15 3/4 in* 17 3/4 in* 18 3/4 in* Product Dimensions - Depth: 15 3/4 in* 17 3/4 in* 18 5/8 in* 20 5/8 in* Select Options
Product № Set Name Product Dimensions - Width Product Dimensions - Depth
228892910 SET A 10 7/8 in* 18 5/8 in*
228891910 SET A 10 7/8 in* 20 5/8 in*
229945910 SET B 18 3/4 in* 18 5/8 in*
229943910 SET B 18 3/4 in* 20 5/8 in*
229919910 SET C 17 3/4 in* 15 3/4 in*
229921910 SET D 15 3/4 in* 17 3/4 in*


Modular system for utensil drawer organization

CONNECT 2.0 is a drawer-organizing solution designed for 500 & 550 NL metal drawers of all widths.
Choose one or combine multiple sets to build the perfect drawer divider configuration for your drawer width.
See Product Datasheet below for many drawer configuration suggestions.
These sets will also work with wood drawers but you may need to trim the depth of the "SET A" component for a perfect fit.
SET C and SET D are best used in combination with SET A or SET B. See Product Datasheet for more details.


Mainly designed for metallic drawers with a length of 500 mm to 550 mm (OPTIMIZ-R, 908, Legrabox, Antaro, or equivalent).
For metallic drawers with an interior depth of 474 mm or 524 mm, the sets can be installed without any cutting.
The #299156910 protection mat (sold separately) can be cut to your desired dimensions. Made of a rigid material and easy to cut. This mat will protect the interior of the drawer, and will also allow for easy cleaning. The Deco interior mats are available in seven different finishes for interesting options.
The L and E shaped components can be installed in a modular manner to personalize your storage space according to your needs.
The sets can be combined, without any limit of maximum drawer width.
The linear design (slim side inserts) and the dark gray color are right on trend.


Dark Gray
Interior Dimensions Required - Height
Min. 2 3/8 in*
Product Dimensions - Height
2 5/32 in*
Area of Activity
Drawer Organization

Measures shown with an asterisk (*) have been converted as per your preference. These are not the official measures. To view the measures specified by the manufacturer, click here.


Ideal for storing utensils and cutlery.


CONNECT 2.0 Sets
CONNECT 2.0 Sets
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