Wood Drawers and Slides for Drawer System

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Interior Dimensions Required - Height: 12.7 cm* 20.3 cm* Interior Dimensions Required - Width: 38.7 cm* 54 cm* Product Dimensions - Height: 10.2 cm* 17.8 cm* Product Dimensions - Width: 34 cm* 49.2 cm* Select Options
Product number Interior Dimensions Required - Height Interior Dimensions Required - Width Product Dimensions - Height Product Dimensions - Width
4WDB4PIL18SC1 12.7 cm* 38.7 cm* 10.2 cm* 34 cm*
4WDB4PIL24SC1 12.7 cm* 54 cm* 10.2 cm* 49.2 cm*
4WDB7PIL18SC1 20.3 cm* 38.7 cm* 17.8 cm* 34 cm*
4WDB7PIL24SC1 20.3 cm* 54 cm* 17.8 cm* 49.2 cm*


Versatile pull-out wood drawers sold separately to be mounted on pilasters.


Interior Dimensions Required - Depth
54.9 cm*
Product Dimensions - Depth
53.3 cm*
Area of Activity
Food Storage, Storage
Wall Unit and Pantry Cabinets, Base Cabinets

Measures shown with an asterisk (*) have been converted as per your preference. These are not the official measures. To view the measures specified by the manufacturer, click here.


Designed to fit into 18" or 24" wide cabinets
For base cabinets or full height cabinets
Can be stacked in a pantry unit application


To be customized to your needs using individual drawers and pilasters. Can then be used in a pantry unit application.
The tall drawer includes a peg board, wood pegs, and metal dividers allowing to personalize your organization
Delivered with Blumotion soft-close slides.
Mounted on pilasters to allow you an easy height adjustment to store tall and short items.
Wood Drawers and Slides for Drawer System

To buy, choose from the options.