ORGANIZ-R End Connector

Product # 808EC176100
End connectors in the ORGANIZ-R system are available in three formats, 88 mm, 176 mm, and 264 mm, and in two finishes (anthracite gray and stainless steel).
They are designed to assemble side panels for endless possibilities of drawer storage configurations.
Consult our installation guide for more information!
Finish: Anthracite Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Width: 188 mm 100 mm 276 mm Modify Options
Product # Finish Width
808EC176100 Anthracite 188 mm
808EC88100 Anthracite 100 mm
808EC264100 Anthracite 276 mm
808EC88170 Stainless Steel 100 mm
808EC176170 Stainless Steel 188 mm
808EC264170 Stainless Steel 276 mm