SEPARADO Multipurpose Tray

Product # 5255910
SEPARADO divider trays are pre-trimmed to fit any metal drawers having a nominal length of 500 (473)or 550 (523)mm.
Each Module can also be re-trimmed down to a minimum of 460mm in depth for custom wood drawers.
They have finished side walls so when combined with a drawer mat, they can work in all interior drawer widths of 300mm (12'') and up.

The Multipurpose Tray is ideal for long utensils, kitchen gadgets or it can also be combined with our optional inserts for added function (Knife holder insert, Spice Insert or small compartment divider).
Product Dimensions - Depth: 20 5/8 in* 18 5/8 in* Modify Options


Product #
Drawer Organization
Area of Activity
Dark Grey
Product Dimensions - Height
1 15/16 in*
Product Dimensions - Width
11 3/4 in*

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