Frames for K-Waste Two Bin Model

Product # 61020155
Frame for K-Waste compatible with a push-to-open mechanism.

Bottom-mount waste management systems offered in single or double bin configurations. Frames are available in Chrome, Silver Gray or Anthracite finish and can be equipped with 34 L (36 qt) or 49 L (52 qt) bins. Bins are available in white and gray color only.
Finish: Champagne Chrome Silver Gray Modify Options
Product # Finish
61020155 Champagne
61020140 Chrome
61020100 Silver Gray


- The frame can be equipped with a hands-free push-to-open device. Simply apply pressure on the door to open. The push-to-open device is available in gray.
- Elegant lateral tracks keep bins in place during opening and closing, and reduces bending of the door.
- Frame is available in chrome, silver gray and charcoal.
- Easy mounting on cabinet bottom using only eight screws.
- The frame and mounting supports can be adjusted in all directions.
- Concealed full extension slides with soft-close mechanism (if the push-to-open device is used, the soft-close motion will be reduced).
- Bins sold separately for one- or two-bin configurations in cabinets measuring 381 mm (15") and 457.2 mm (18").
- 34.1 l (36 qt) and 49.21 l (52 qt) bins available in white or gray.
- Quick assembly with Click Fixx system as well as an installation template and door brackets.
- Maximum load capacity of 44.5 kg (100 lb).


Requires ONE of the following products
K-Waste Bin
  • Total Capacity: 36 qt
  • Product Dimensions - Height: 17 1/2 in
  • Interior Dimensions Required - Height: Min. 18 in
Product # 51012155
K-Waste Bin
  • Total Capacity: 52 qt
  • Product Dimensions - Height: 22 7/8 in
  • Interior Dimensions Required - Height: Min. 23 in
Product # 51052155


Product #
Product Dimensions - Width
14 7/8 in*
Product Dimensions - Depth
22 1/8 in*
Soft-Motion System
Load Rating
100 lb
For two bins
Min. Int. Width Required, Frameless Cabinet
Min. 15 1/2 in*
Min. Opening Required, Frame Cabinet
Min. 14 1/2 in*

Measures shown with an asterisk (*) have been converted as per your preference. These are not the official measures. To view the measures specified by the manufacturer, click here.


A lid cannot be used on the back bin because it would be difficult to remove. If using a lid, we recommend using it only on the system's front bin.


If you use 34.06 l (36 qt) bins, the minimum required height is 496 mm (19-1/2")
If you use 49.21 l (52 qt) bins, the minimum required height is 597 mm (23-1/2")