E-Cargo Recycling Center with Soft-Close Mechanism

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Total Capacity: 30 l 60 l Interior Dimensions Required - Width: 262 to 268 mm 562 to 568 mm Interior Dimensions Required - Depth: 528 mm Min. 448 mm Interior Dimensions Required - Height: 448 mm Min. 427 mm Bin Quantity: 1 2 Bin Capacity: 1 x 37 qt (30 L) 2 x 31.7 qt (30 L) Lid: Included Material: Plastic / Metal Solutions: Wastebins and Recycling Centers Area of Activity: Cleaning / Preparation Select Options
Product number Total Capacity Interior Dimensions Required - Width Interior Dimensions Required - Depth Interior Dimensions Required - Height Bin Quantity Bin Capacity
461912100 30 l 262 to 268 mm 528 mm 448 mm 1 1 x 37 qt (30 L)
461162100 60 l 562 to 568 mm Min. 448 mm Min. 427 mm 2 2 x 31.7 qt (30 L)


E-Cargo recycling center with covered slide.


Soft-Motion System
Load Rating
Max. 50 kg
Slide Extension


- Covered slides helps avoid the accumulation of dust and ensures a longer life.
- Metal cover is a clean and trendy look that blends with your kitchen interior.
- Designed for door mounting.
- Over extension slides provide complete access to bins.
- Manufactured from steel metal parts with silver grey finish.
- Tested with 100,000 opening and closing cycles.
- Weight capacity of 50 kg.
- Bin equipped with handles for maneuverability.
- Lid prevents odors from escaping and provides additional space for recycling papers such as newspapers.
- Easily 3-way front adjustment (cam adjustment screw).


Model 461950100 is designed for a full door installation. The door supports are not suitable for a frame door.
E-Cargo Recycling Center with Soft-Close Mechanism

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