LEGGERO Anodized Aluminum Wine Pegs

Product # WP400165
Box of 6
Our wall-mounted Leggero wine pegs are sold in modular systems for professional trades, architects, and interior designers, as well as handy homeowners.

Slim, minimalist, and sleek, these wine pegs will add a modern look and high-quality finish to your wine cellar or wall.

The sleek, solid aluminum rods made for refined yet functional cellars. Each bottle is stored on two rods perpendicular to the wall, with the cork facing outwards. Each box contains 6 pair of pegs allowing you to display 6 bottles.

Fully customizable!
- Install wine pegs in our recommended layout or create your own.
- Freedom to design a cellar or wall to your exact specifications.
- Combine racking systems to meet individual needs.

O-rings come pre-installed on the winepegs for a faster installation and each box contains a bag with extra o-rings!

Available in three finishes:
- Brushed Aluminum
- Matte Black
- Gold

*** Please read the Instructions document available below before placing your order to know the hardware to be purchased separately to complete your project. ***
Finish: Gold Aluminum Matte Black Modify Options
Product # Finish
WP400165 Gold
WP400010 Aluminum
WP400900 Matte Black


- Easy to install
- High-quality finish
- Customizable wine peg configurations
- Pre-installed silicone o-rings provide nonslip stability
- No visible bolts


Product #
7 3/32 in*
1/2 in*
Bottle Type
Number of Bottles
6 bottles per box

Measures shown with an asterisk (*) have been converted as per your preference. These are not the official measures. To view the measures specified by the manufacturer, click here.


Can be installed on panels made of:

- Wood
- Acrylic
- Metal
- Stone

Standard spacing for bottles up to 13 1/2 in (33 cm) long and 3 3/4 in (7.6 cm) in diameter.


Included in the box:

- 6 pairs of Leggero pegs to hold six bottles
- 12 screws
- 12 spring lock washers
- Pre-installed silicone o-rings + 1 bag of extra o-rings