Pull-down Cabinet System

A cluttered work surface limits the space used for cooking or preparation space. This mechanism, installed at the rear of an upper cabinet, can be pulled down easily and smoothly and gives you instant access to all spices and smaller utensils you might need during meal preparation.

Product # 17450100


Product number 17450100
Solutions Upper Cabinets
Area of Activity Food Storage, Storage
Interior Dimensions Required - Width Min. 412 mm
Interior Dimensions Required - Depth 134 mm
Interior Dimensions Required - Height Min. 684 mm
Product Dimensions - Width 410 mm
Product Dimensions - Depth 130 mm
Product Dimensions - Height 646 mm
Capacity 1.5 kg
Finish Gray
Material Metal


- Maximizes space and creates easy accessibility.
- Cycle test: 30,000 times.
- Load capacity: 1.5kg (3.3lb).
- Made of solid material: steel, aluminum, ABS
- Grey and chrome colors: can be harmonized with any type of cabinet style.
- Disappears completely inside the cabinet once stored.
- Constant force springs ensures smooth maneuverability with less effort


Installs at the rear of a 18'' (450 mm) wide upper kitchen cabinet. Pulls down easily and smoothly to give access to small items needed during mealtime preparation.
Pull-down Cabinet System

Product number: 17450100