Richelieu Closet Systems Offer Style and Functionality
On April 12-13, 2017, Richelieu participated in the Cabinets & Closets Conference & Expo in Chicago, the largest annual exposition for professionals of custom cabinets and storage solutions for closets. 
Richelieu presented turnkey solutions and offered a whole range of Smart Living products to make rooms more functional, comfortable and spacious but without compromising on design.
Closets are a key component of smart storage and creating more space. And Richelieu offers a complete line of closet accessories - jewelry drawers, tie racks, laundry baskets, rods. In addition to a vast array of closet systems ranging from designer elegance to versatile, that helps putting everything in its place.
Our Smart Living group of products also features solutions for maximising space. From Cielo, the vertical and horizontal opening mechanisms for sofas and beds to PS11 sliding and folding door systems, Smart Living is the intelligent approach to organizing space beautifully.
Built-on or add-on lighting systems brighten up every nook and cranny. And our vast array of lighting offers solutions specifically for closets, such as clothes rod lights, tape lights, drawer lighting, surfaced and recessed lighting, bringing light and functionality to every closet corner. Our renowned range of decorative hardware adds the final touch and coordinates the closet’s look with a room’s overall decor.