An innovative line of decorative acrylic panels.
Clari-T acrylic panels are a standout in Richelieu’s broad range of decorative surfaces.
Made of acrylic and lighter than glass, this collection is simply remarkable (offered in transparent or in opaque styles).
The transparent panels are made of poured acrylic and embedded with natural fibers and materials, such as hay and straw, wood disks, wood veneer, rose petals, fabric, feather, and gold chips.
The embedded material literally floats!
A clear choice for all your projects.

The opaque collection offers panels ideal for backsplashes, insertions, or as a decorative design element.

Elegant and versatile, these opaque panels will create a unique environment.

- Can be repaired (re-polished)
- Durable and solid
- Lighter than decorative glass
- Greater impact resistance than glass
- Easy to clean

About Richelieu

Richelieu has operated in North America for over 45 years, serving more than 70,000 clients with nearly 110,000 products across a multitude of categories. With its vast array of specialized items manufactured by two subsidiaries, Richelieu is at the forefront of design, style and innovation for 21st century lifestyles.