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Wednesday, April 17: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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Richelieu's line of designer and functional solutions for closets will help you organize your customers' most challenging spaces!
Every thing in its place

We've enhanced our collection with new styles you'll fall in love with. Go sleek and sophisticated or make a statement with breathtaking pulls and knobs that are the epitome of clever design. Our collection boasts several new contemporary models as well as transitional and traditional styles designed exclusively for Richelieu. More linear, textured and sculpted pulls as well as an entirely new collection of cup pulls will satisfy market demand.
New styles designed to impress

Whether you are looking for elegant, modern, or durable designs, Richelieu will help you find the solution that meets your needs, thanks to our Online Lighting Configurator. Our wide selection of LED Lighting Solutions offers endless possibilities for creating your own unique design. 

LED lighting from Richelieu is the perfect solution for any under-cabinet lighting project

This versatile storage solution is fully customizable and very practical.  It's the perfect way to maximize space and optimize organization, while allowing for extreme flexibility in design. The support components attach to existing walls and the complementary accessories let you create structures that optimize the use of bedroom walk-in closets, home office shelving, living room entertainment centers or kitchen pantry storage. Build custom drawers and shelves in any material. The adjustable shelf supports allow for maximum flexibility as needs change.

VERTIKO Storage System 

Add character to your closet design by incorporating color and texture with our line of decorative surfaces. They are versatile and can be used to make furniture, cabinets, cabinet doors and more. You can choose from many options to add character and a special touch.

Panels and Cabinet Doors for Memorable Designs

Transform nearly any interior environment with sleek aluminum frame doors. Whether for use on kitchen cabinets, office furniture or closet storage, these doors are custom-made to your specifications and include all functional and decorative hardware borings. The aluminum frames come in a variety of finishes that provide endless design possibilities - even more so when combined with glass and custom insert options. We even have aluminum frame drawers, and of course all of the necessary hardware to make installation as smooth and effortless as possible.

Trendy and Timeless Custom Aluminum Frame Doors

When we hear "storage solutions," it’s easy to think about reorganizing an office, a kitchen, the bathrooms or maybe the closets, but we often forget about reorganizing the garage. Although it’s the least lived-in room in a home, it’s usually the place that needs some organization the most. Eliminating clutter and organizing seasonal items can free up lots of space. Who knows? The right storage solutions could free up enough space to set up a dedicated work bench, a home gym or a craft table.

See how Richelieu's diverse storage solutions can transform a room that’s neglected all too often.

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