The Natural Look of Stone
Richelieu is a leader in the field of innovative cladding and paneling systems and its new Facestone collection demonstrates just why they are so successful in this field, among others. Facestone panels are composite sheets fabricated from original sedimentary rocks made up of clay and volcanic ash. Facestone panels look like genuine stone, but are lighter and can be used on surfaces or in areas where stonewould be too heavy to use.

Facestone panels are available in different finishes that imitate slate, granite, and marble surfaces. These panels look natural and provide every advantage to facilitate cleaning and maintenance: they are very resistant to stains, humidity, discoloration as well as UV rays and heat. The material lightness ensures easy installation and they can be cut to size using standard shop tools.

About Richelieu

Richelieu has operated in North America for over 45 years, providing service to more than 70,000 clients and offering close to 110,000 products across a multitude of categories. With its vast array of specialized items manufactured by two subsidiaries, Richelieu is at the forefront of design, style and innovation for 21st century lifestyles.