Richelieu attracted media attention with their new products during this large-scale event with more than 43,000 visitors this year. Discover what attracted their attention.

On January 10-12, 2017, Richelieu participated in the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Orlando, Florida, the destination for kitchen and bath design professionals. This highly anticipated event, and the most successful KBIS event to date, drew over 43,000 visitors and represents an increase of 15% from the previous year.

During the show, the Richelieu booth attracted a great deal of traffic and media attention. Richelieu presented new products and solutions to visitors that are now available on our website. A series of press releases were published on the official KBIS Website. During the live video, Richelieu presented the latest innovations and product trends.

On January 11, during the KBIS, Richelieu hosted an open-house at our redesigned showroom in Orlando, Florida, welcoming customers and members of the press. The showroom now offers customers new displays and a variety of products and solutions.
Solution for optimal storage
Richelieu is constantly working on developing innovative solutions to optimize storage space and improve functionality of small and large living spaces without sacrificing design.

Throughout the show, Richelieu presented new accessories to maximize storage inside drawers 
(see pictures:1, 2, 3). These accessories are available in several finishes that meet growing trends in a mix of rich and natural colors. 

Smart living for intelligent and beautiful interiors
Richelieu is constantly at work on how to improve the way we live in our homes through the development of innovative products and systems. Richelieu’s new Smart Living concept is founded on the latest universal design trends that revolutionize how we use space and furniture for more functionality and comfort but without sacrificing elegant design. The Smart Living range of products lights up rooms to maximize their usage, makes furniture multifunctional or adds storage, tables, and counter space with unique pull-out systems for pantries, drawers, and kitchen islands.
Richelieu lights the way with bold, bright array of LED lighting
Richelieu’s latest line of LED products shines strong with a broad selection of innovative designs to brighten up a home or commercial space. Richelieu has taken state-of-the-art LED lighting and combined it with a range of cutting-edge mountings and fixtures to bring light into rooms, closets, cabinets, drawers, or even toe kicks.