This year, the PRIX HABITAT DESIGN award presents the RICHELIEU DESIGN AWARD in Quebec to a designer with three years and less of experience in professional practical design.

This year, the PRIX HABITAT DESIGN award presents the RICHELIEU DESIGN AWARD in Quebec to a designer with three years and less of experience in professional practical design.

The challenge is to design a bold layout that integrates innovative Richelieu products for small spaces*, from a provided plan. By following the efficient space management concept, candidates are invited to identify at least seven key products (minimum one per zone).
Living Space Design Should Include the Following Areas:
> Kitchen (for inspiration, take a look at our lighting solutions, lower and upper cabinet storage solutions, island solutions, including sliding tables and waste management solutions)
> Bedroom or rest area (for inspiration, take a look at our multifunctional beds and special storage solutions)
> Office space (for inspiration, take a look at our Ergo and Sit-2-Stand solutions, extensible table mechanisms, sliding doors, stowable power access boxes, chargers, and grommets)
> Living room (for inspiration, take a look at our furniture solutions, opening mechanisms, sliding doors, decorative panels, and lighting)
> Bathroom (for inspiration, take a look at our Riveo sinks and faucets, Essenza products, and Banio products)
> Laundry room (take a look at our opening systems, shelving systems, extensible table mechanisms, ironing boards, laundry baskets, sliding storage systems, hangers, hanging accessories, etc.)
> Private entrance and closet (take a look at our Panasonic storage solutions, sliding doors, the closet system brochure, hangers, etc.)
> Other important spaces

Other innovative Richelieu product categories for different areas: decorative handles, functional hardware, lighting solutions, sliding doors, decorative panels, textured panels, panels for furniture, moldings and wall systems such as Fit-Art.

Living Space, the Art of Designing your Environment
Proper space management is doing more with less. Whether temporarily transforming an item to meet a specific need or through better access to its content, there are thousands of Richelieu products available to meet functional and esthetic housing needs.
Richelieu’s versatile and personalizable mechanisms, hardware, and storage solutions integrate easily with the boldest of interior design concepts. Hidden or in view, these products fit perfectly with trends in better space management, multifunctionality, current, retro, classic, or minimalist decor for projects requiring modern, rustic, and eclectic Richelieu material, panels, and textures.
The most amazing living spaces are revealed through Richelieu’s various lighting solutions. Innovative products that provide a better view within furniture but, from an architectural point of view, also provide settings and accents that reflect moments and lifestyles. In each room, Richelieu lighting products, in addition to providing functionality, resonate discreetly with occupants by highlighting distinctive areas of the space.
Adaptive, practical and elegant, Richelieu products accompany individuals in their evolving, and fast-paced daily lives and provide comfort. Spaces are transformed, interests meet, expectations are high, and Richelieu answers the call with a wide range of solutions.


As an example, seven types of products facilitate smart space management.
For more information about small space design, here is a selection of seven (from a long list) types of products to give you an idea.

1. The Kitchen Island:
In addition to being the perfect storage space, the island ensures a transition between the kitchen and the other rooms in the home in an open-concept environment.
But there’s more, the smart island can include a sliding workspace that adds 5 feet in length, hides the countertop when closed, and transforms into a table that can accommodate up to five people when open, keeping children and guests close to the cooks.
2. Retractable Tables:
Retractable tables can be used as an additional workspace when preparing meals, as an occasional table for quick breakfasts, or even as a main table. Perfect for small spaces, this product is also convenient for other rooms in the house: kitchen, living room, office, laundry room. Sliding or folding, these tables retract into a kitchen cabinet, island, or made-to-measure furniture, and can be taken out as needed. A table can accommodate from 2 to 6 people and support from 130 to 220 pounds, according to the model.
3. The Sliding Pantry:
Just like the fridge stores fresh food, the sliding pantry stores all dry goods (flour, rice, pasta, canned goods, cereal, oil, etc.) in one central cupboard. This reduces the triangle of activity in the kitchen, avoids dispersion of food in different cabinets, and optimizes movement. In addition, this high-load capacity pantry opens and closes effortlessly and quietly, significantly increasing enjoyment and ease of use. Its sliding shelves are adjustable (personalized according to storage needs) and their glass contours provide a quick view of all contents. A cabinet that fits easily into any room requiring a smart storage space.
4. Storage Accessories:
Thin and light yet sturdy, shelves, sliding baskets and other accessories (hooks, stowable baskets, etc.) optimize storage in kitchen cupboards, closets, and cabinets. Adjustable and versatile, these accessories are ideal for personalizing different storage spaces. Easily configure them with magnetic dividers that can be arranged according to need and available space. Thanks to their minimalist design and recycled material, they blend perfectly with any décor.
5. The Garbage Bin:
With recycling and now composting, waste management is becoming more and more complex. The ability to personalize waste storage is becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. This is why you can now choose the format and layout of different bins for compostable and recyclable material as well as for garbage, according to your needs. Bins can also be used to store cleaning products or food for pets, for example.
6. Folding and Sliding Doors:
The trend is leaning more and more towards cabinets with sliding doors. In addition to providing easier access to content, sliding doors, unlike hinged doors, do not require clearance space. Sliding doors have also become a flagship product to separate different rooms in a home, adding a modern touch to the décor without infringing on the living space.
7. Foldaway, Self-Lifting, and Sofa Beds:
Designed for small studios and multifunctional rooms (e.g., office doubling as a guest room), foldaway and sofa beds have been available for many years. However, they are even more user-friendly, ergonomic, and comfortable today. For example, the bed that has a lifting mechanism raises the mattress providing additional storage space with easy access, while enabling the bed to be made more ergonomically.
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