A complete line of practical storage solutions that maximize space

This year, at the Cabinets and Closet Expo in Pasadena California, Richelieu will present a complete line of practical storage solutions that maximize space while keeping wardrobes organized 
and looking great.
Come visit us March 27-29 at booth # 705.

Optimize every inch of space
Closet rods and pullout accessories for jewelry, ties, scarfs, belts, and pants keep everyday wardrobe items organized. Richelieu offers these accessories in several finishes ranging from chrome to brushed oil-rubbed bronze.

Closet systems that create custom storage solutions for every need
The Vertiko closet system is an open-shelving concept comprised of an aluminum load bearing support structure combined with closet rods and adjustable brackets for cabinets and shelves. Highly flexible and practical, this system can be complemented with lighting, decorative panels and decorative hardware for maximum style.

The Wall-out storage system is great for narrow spaces. Needing only 8’’ of depth, it maximizes every inch of space. The unique clothe-hanging system either retracts or pivots the hangars so clothes are cascading. This reduces the amount of space required to store clothes. This system is also a good option for people with reduced mobility.
Start the day on the right foot
Panasonic’s revolving shoe rack can hold up to 54 pairs of shoes and allows for 360 degrees of easy viewing and access to both sides. The shelves are adjustable to accommodate taller boots and high-heeled shoes.
Extendable table mechanisms: Extra space where and when you need it, conveniently hidden when you don’t
Richelieu’s line of extendable table mechanisms includes the NAXO, CHEO, T-ABLE and SLIDE mechanisms. These systems are comprised of heavy-duty slides that are pulled out manually.
Use these extended tables to fold clothes or as a built-in vanity. When you are done, just fold the top back and slide it under the counter into a space that would normally house a drawer.
Light up the room
Whether for a small or large space, good lighting is of definite help. LED lighting is a great choice for closets as they radiate the least amount of heat. Richelieu has many solutions from spot lights to lights with infrared sensors.
Add a final touch with decorative cabinet hardware
As a final touch, add some stylish decorative hardware to complete the look. Something that sparkles like our crystal knobs or try our customizable pulls that match with your cabinetry. With so many choices, you are sure to find the perfect fit.