Richelieu Awards for New Designers — For an Evolving and Universal Living Space

As a springboard for students and young professionals in interior design, the Richelieu Awards for New Designers offers talented youth an opportunity to stand out and get noticed by design firms. This competition is presented within the framework of the Prix Habitat Design, a contest designed to inspire creativity in today’s designers for tomorrow’s housing.

The challenge consists in designing a layout that is part of an evolutive living space in order to optimize the space according to aesthetic principles as well as universal accessibility standards for people with reduced mobility. By highlighting Richelieu’s innovative solutions, candidates shared their vision of spaces that are adaptable according to age, physical condition and occupants’ needs.

When function meets design

Innovation at Richelieu is structured around the changing needs of all occupants in a home. Richelieu's multifunctional accessories help maximize comfort, evolution and ideas in a timeless and elegant decor. Furniture and specialized hardware can be used to create an environment that promotes inclusion, accessibility, ergonomics and comfort for all ages and physical conditions.