Clamp Mount Power Bar

Now you can easily charge your smart phone or tablet in two ways!

Power and USB come together in this clamp-on mounted versatile power bar solution.
Many customers are searching for USB solutions especially furniture and office markets as mobile devices become more integrated into our daily lives becoming essential tools for work and play
Surface-mounted installed with clamp stays in place and won't shift around the desk or nightstand during use

Surge protection power bar with clamp-on installation
3 three prong outlets
2 USB ports combined 3.1 amp for smartphone or tablet charging

Product # 100716090




Product number 100716090
Lighting Solutions Office, Surface, Furniture
Installation Location Surface, Hospitality, Furniture & Bookcase
Features USB, Power Receptical, Rectangular
Price Point Elite
Functionality/Application Furniture, Office Lighting - Personal Task, Miscellaneous, Other, Office, Surface, Accessories
Installation Surface
Standards and Certifications UL
Tension 125 V
Power Receptacle 3
Length 7 1/4 in*
Height 2 7/32 in*
Width 1 17/32 in*

Measures shown with an asterisk (*) have been converted as per your preference. These are not the official measures. To view the measures specified by the manufacturer, click here.


Surge protection 510 joules
3.1A USB charge combined: when one device is connected to USB, it will receive the full 3.1A, if two devices are connected, 3.1A will split to provide equal amounts of charging to each device


8' power cord SJT14AWG
USB ports: DV 5V/3.1A combined
Outlets: 15A, 125V


Desks, shelves, night stands or cabinets
For office or home desk top installation


Clamp attaches to desk, workbench or table
UL approved
Choose from Black or White finish
Easy and quick installation with included clamp-on mounting bracket
No need to cut into work surface
Clap on mounting allows for easy relocation of the power bar
Charge your devices with plug or USB


Information and specification subject to change USB charging time may vary based on the device's battery requirements, charge level, the age of the battery and the temperature in the surrounding area. If USB charge time is too slow, switch to plug-in option As demands for longer battery life increase, the charging requirements change; using the USB for charging will not rapidly charge devices
Clamp Mount Power Bar

Product number: 100716090