There's a rampant belief among customers that they have to get the lowest price or they are not getting the best deal. That may be true in some cases, but in most cases, especially when it comes to lighting, you definitely get what you pay for. Purchasing solely on price gets you an initially low fixture which usually requires frequent bulb replacements and high energy consumption costs. This is true for both residential and commercial solutions. When making your final decision, take into account the longevity of the light bulb. This will let you know on average how often you will have to replace your bulb based on your usage. However, remember that rate bulb life is an average and not a guarantee that each bulb will last for the listed amount of time. You must also take into consideration electricity consumption. You can conceivably replace your 20 W halogen puck lights with a 3 W LED puck light. The less you consume in kilowatts, the lower your monthly electricity bill will be.