Why limit your flexible tape light to straight lines!?

This unique and innovative aluminum profile is completely flexible!! Now allowing for even great flexibility in your lighting designs.
The 5560 profile allows integrating linear LED lighting on curved or uneven surfaces.
Its low profile (1/5" including lens), and a thickness of less than 1/32" (0.75 mm), allows for effortless bending and installation using plain mounting tape or screws.
The included opal lens provides a diffused light effect without harsh dots (no dot effect).
Aluminum profile solutions are in great demand as they allows our customers the ability to customize their designs for their customers like never before.

Product # 30145560


Product number 30145560
Lighting Solutions Accessories
Finish Aluminum
Installation Location Surface, Kitchen, Hospitality, Other, Cabinet Top, Display, Accent & Perimeter, Furniture & Bookcase, Closet & Drawer
Price Point Elite
Functionality/Application Countertop Lighting - Task, Commercial Display Lighting, Miscellaneous, Other, Surface
Installation Surface
Function Aluminum Profile
Information 2.43 m (8') profile with opal lens
Shape Rectangle
Group LED Group A
Material Aluminum
Length 8 ft
Height 3/16 in*
Width 23/32 in*
Lighting Type LED

Measures shown with an asterisk (*) have been converted as per your preference. These are not the official measures. To view the measures specified by the manufacturer, click here.


Easy bend, no special tool required
8' length
Compatible with LED strips up to 12mm wide.

Opal lens was specifically chosen to offer a nice level of light to light up cabinets without the dot effect. Clearly, the denser the lens, the less light that can pass through. For example, a clear lens will offer 96.5% translucency with only 20% diffusion (clear meaning the lens is clean and the tape light is visible) the opal lens offers 65% translucency with 100% diffusion

Opal lens efficacy is 50% of the originally emitted light source


Lumi Flex can be mounted to surfaces with the use of double-sided tape or mounting brackets.
Opal lens reduces dot effect in profiles
Designed for the bold bends and curves in your unique designs!
designed for flexible LED strips
Easy installation
Thin profile can easily be routed into any piece of furniture
Can hold its bent shape

Aluminum profiles are ideal for protecting LED tape lights and completing a design.
Aluminum profiles act as a heat sink for LED tape lights , which will increase the LEDs lifetime as well as slowing down any brightness degradation over time.


Homes, cabinets, displays, bar and table lighting, counter lighting, arched doorways, or entryways


Flexible 8' opal lens included with profile


Information subject to change LED tape light sold separately. You have many options to choose from - please visit the lighting section at You will need to purchase an additional switch for your tape light to function. Depending on which tape light you use, you have different options please visit the lighting section at for suggestions Please contact the special order desk for any special requests

Product number: 30145560