Recessed Profile for LED Tape Light

Made in North America

Aluminum profile solutions are in great demand as they allow our customers to customize their designs like never before.

Richelieu's aluminum profile recessed solution fits tape light and tape light rolls.
Sold in 8' lengths and includes the opal lens cover.
Customized lighting for your customers in minutes!

Product # 30145300


Product number 30145300
Lighting Solutions Accessories
Finish Aluminum
Installation Location Kitchen Countertop, Kitchen, Kitchen Cabinet, Hospitality, Cabinet Top, Display, Accent & Perimeter, Furniture & Bookcase, Closet & Drawer
Price Point Elite
Functionality and Application Commercial Display Lighting
Installation Linear, Recessed
Material Acrylic, Aluminum
Style Contemporary
Length 8 ft
Height 7/16 in*
Width 27/32 in*
Lighting Type LED

Measures shown with an asterisk (*) have been converted as per your preference. These are not the official measures. To view the measures specified by the manufacturer, click here.


Designed for installation under cabinets or within furniture.
Customize your lengths as needed; profiles can be cut easily with a miter saw.
Slim design.
Included opal lens was specifically developed to create a ghost effect lighting; soft and clean with no dot effect


Ideal for detail display, hotels, cabinet, under-shelf and cove lighting.


One 8' length aluminum profile with opal lens.
Included opal lens creates the no dot effect


8' length aluminum profile with opal lens.
0.44" interior width dimension (11.1mm) approximately

Opal lens was specifically chosen to offer a nice level of light to light up cabinets without the dot effect. The denser the lens, the less light that can pass through. For example a clear lens will offer 96.5% translucency with only 20% diffusion (clear meaning the lens is clean and the tape light is visible) the opal lens offers 65% translucency with 100% diffusion.

Opal lens efficacy is 50% of the originally emitted light source.

You will need to purchase an additional switch for your tape light to function; depending on which tape light you use, you have different options. Please visit the lighting section at for suggestions.


Light output may vary depending on the LEDs used on your tape light (sold separately). LED tape light sold separately. You have many options to choose from-please visit the lighting section at If you require any other length or lens please contact your special order desk As tape light widths and connectors can vary, please be sure that you have chosen the correct tape to fit your profile to achieve the right look for your design. There is an acceptable industry size variance. Our variance tolerance for the width its 0.009" tolerance and for the height 0.008" for this specific model. Other models may vary
Recessed Profile for LED Tape Light

Product number: 30145300