KLIPR 8 mm LED Tape Connector 24 V

For uncoated IP22 tape light

The KLIPR system facilitates the insertion of wires or tape lighting.
The system allows customers to make connections when and where needed, with different direct connections to tape or with a wire up to 2 m (6.6' or 79") long.

Product # 30141094


Requires ONE of the following products

LED 24 V Tape Light Product no. 3014180122
  • Light Color: Warm White
  • Kelvin Color Temperature (K): 3000 K
Per unit
LED 24 V Tape Light Product no. 3014180124
  • Light Color: Neutral White
  • Kelvin Color Temperature (K): 4200 K
Per unit


Product number 30141094
Lighting Type LED
Function Connecting Cable
Tension 24 V
Length 78 3/4 in*
Group LED Group A, Klipr

Measures shown with an asterisk (*) have been converted as per your preference. These are not the official measures. To view the measures specified by the manufacturer, click here.


Customize your wire lengths as needed


2 clips and 2 m (6.6' or 79") wire per pack


For uncoated 8 mm IP22 tape light
Class 2
100 W max
24 V, 4 A max
A 1" heat shrink sleeve (not included), class 300 V / 125 °C, must be installed on each connector to avoid bad connections.
Compatible cable 20-22AWG type TR64, 300 V.
Installation must be done by qualified personnel.


Tape light sets are sold separately. Product information is subject to change without prior notice. Do not go over 5 A to match class 2 requirements. Once the KLIPR covers have been closed, they are securely locked in place and you will have to use a plier to reopen/lift the KLIPR cover open.
KLIPR 8 mm LED Tape Connector 24 V

Product number: 30141094