Klipr LED 8 mm Tape Connector

For non coated 8 mm IP22 tape light

Easy system of inserting wires or tape lighting into the New Klipr system
Easy Do it Yourself Klipr allow customers to make connections as needed with different direct connections to tape or with cord lengths as needed up to 2M (6.6' or 79"')

Designed to meet North-American woodworking standards

Product # 30141093


Product number 30141093
Information Klipr LED Strip to Wire Connector
Lighting Type LED
Finish Black, Clear
Installation Location Other
Function Connecting Cable
Features KLIPR
Price Point Elite
Functionality and Application Miscellaneous, Accessories
Length 79 in
Group Klipr


2 clips and 2M (6.6' or 79") wire per pack


Customize your wire lengths as needed


For uncoated 8 mm IP22 tape light
Class 2
100W max
24V, 4 amp max
12V, 5 amp max
A 1" heat shrink sleeve (not included), class 300 V / 125 °C, must be installed on each connector to avoid bad connections. Compatible cable 20-22AWG type TR64, 300 V ft. Installation must be done by qualified personnel.


Tape lights, power supply options, and all accessories for tape light sold separately Product information subject to change Do not go over 5 amps to match class 2 requirements. Once the Klipr covers have been closed, they are securely locked in place and you will have to use a plier to reopen/lift the Klipr cover open.
Klipr LED 8 mm Tape Connector

Product number: 30141093