Infrared Proximity Sensor

Product #: 12624601


Infrared Proximity Sensor is primarily a door contact on/off switch: open the door and lights turn on, close the door and lights turn off.
Secondary function available to act as a simple on/off motion activated switch only.

How IR Proximity Sensor Works:

Option #1 - Door Contact Switch
Automatically switches on and off the lights connected to it when a door or drawer is opened or closed. Installation of the sensor is located at the front of cabinet or drawer at a
distance of 50 mm or less.

Option #2 - On/Off Switch
The setup from automatic door sensor to on/off switch can be changed by pressing the key for three seconds.
For the ideal operation of IR 12/24, it is recommended that it not be used for white reflecting objects, as well as shiny or reflective surfaces.

Option #3 - Simple Mode + Dimmer On/Off Switch
Automatically switches on and off the lights connected to it. Simply approach the sensor with your hand or keep your hand steady in front of the sensor to vary the light intensity.


Product number
With Integrated IR Switch
Price Point
Recess Depth
2 15/32 in*
9/16 in*
Recessed or Surface Mounted
Functionality and Application
Switches and Dimmers
Installation Location
Kitchen Cabinet, Hospitality, Furniture & Bookcase, Closet & Drawer
Lighting Solutions
Switches and Dimmers

Measures shown with an asterisk (*) have been converted as per your preference. These are not the official measures. To view the measures specified by the manufacturer, click here.


Maximum installation distance of 50 mm for door contact.

- Input/output 12 V dc max. 24 W
- Input/output 24 V dc max. 48 W

When set to the second option IR ON/OFF, the device turns the lights on and off, simply by bringing your hand within 5 cm of the sensor.
For a perfect operation of IR 12/24, it is recommended to avoid use of white reflecting objects, as well as shiny or reflective surfaces.

On/off control occurs on low voltage side with prescribed power supplies and lights.


79" long cord and terminal block included


To be used with our line of 12 or 24 Vdc lights, exclusive to Richelieu, from Italy


Easy surface mount installation with two-sided tape option
Can install it flush with the board by making a hole 14 mm in diameter and at least 63 mm deep
Easy installation to control lights
Plug-and-play, quick connect feature
No hard wire or cutting of wires
Surface or recess installation


This switch functions with 12V Group A or new 24V. Just note the difference in max wattage for each system Use prescribed power supply and lights only Indoor use only
Infrared Proximity Sensor

Product number: 12624601