Complete 3-Step Plug & Play Dimmer Kit

Touch step dim function

Recess the included metal touch switch knob (brushed nickel finish) in a convenient, easy-to-reach location and control your new high-powered 3W LED lights like never before!
Touch once and the lights are activated to 30% intensity. Touch again to reach 60% intensity, and a third time for 100% intensity. One last touch, and the lights turn off.

Product # 1551170


Product number 1551170
Lighting Type LED
Features Dimmable, Touch Function
Finish Black, Satin Nickel
Price Point Optimum
Watts 18 W
Standards and Certifications UL
Tension 24 V
Lighting Solutions Switches and Dimmers, Power Supply, Accessories


- Only one item to order for the 3-step touch dimming function for up to 6 lights of Invoke (155121170/155122170/155121090/155122090) or Pro (156121170/156122170) or with Swivel (154121170/154122170).
- Easy installation.
- One item to order with an easy quick-connect system.


- 3-step touch dimming function for up to 6 lights.


Kit as shown includes power supply for 1 to max. 6 lights, terminal for plugging in 1 to 6 lights from the Invoke or Pro line of lights, and one 3-step touch-sensitive knob/dimmer.


Power supply:
- Input: 100-240 Vac 50/60 Hz
- Output: 3-21 Vdc 700mA constant current
- 70" (6') power cord


When installing the dimmer switch please take extra consideration for the touch sensitive (yellow) wire: * Ensure it is not installed in a confined manner (i.e. with other wires in an encasement) as heat can build up * That it is not kinked in any way * That it is not damaged, nicked or fastened in any way as to cause a nick or damage to the wire/casing. Please route touch sensitive (yellow) wire so that it will not be damaged or pinched when the cabinet is installed (pushed to the wall) * Please only use insulated staples or plastic ties to secure cord and do not use metal staples or ties as it can interfere with the touch sensitive (yellow) wire NOTE: IF any of the above takes place it can affect the performance of the dimmer switch - All unused power supply output plugs must have jumpers installed. - Always connect the LED light to the power supply first and then connect the power supply to the mains; failure to do so may cause damage to the existing diode.
Complete 3-Step Plug & Play Dimmer Kit

Product number: 1551170