TRESCO Infinex Extrusion

Product #: LXREC72SC10
Mounting: Recessed Color Group: Clear Group Length: 72 in 94 in Height: 5/16 in Finish: Satin Clear Shape: Recess Packaging format: Per unit Modify Options
Product number Mounting Color Group Length Height Finish Shape Packaging format
LXREC72SC10 Recessed Clear Group 72 in 5/16 in Satin Clear Recess Per unit
LXREC72BL Recessed Black Group 72 in 5/16 in* Black Rectangle Length
LXREC94SC Recessed Clear Group 94 in 5/16 in Satin Clear Recess Per unit
LXSQR72BL Surface Black Group 72 in 15/32 in* Black Square Length
LXCRV72BL Surface Black Group 72 in 1/2 in* Black Curve Length
LXRND72BL Surface Black Group 72 in 23/32 in* Black Round Length
LXSQR72WH Surface White Group 72 in 15/32 in* White Square Length
LXANG72WH Surface White Group 72 in 1 1/8 in* White Angle Length
LXCRV72SC10 Surface Clear Group 72 in 1/2 in Satin Clear Curve Per unit
LXSQR72SC10 Surface Clear Group 72 in 1/2 in Satin Clear Square Per unit
LXANG72SC10 Surface Clear Group 72 in 9/16 in Satin Clear Angle Per unit
LXRND72SC10 Surface Clear Group 72 in 11/16 in Satin Clear Round Per unit


Five unique profiles to choose from

Infinex is the innovative, patent-pending LED aluminum extrusion system.
Gone are the days of set fixture sizes -- simply choose your style, cut to desired length and assemble to create a customized LED fixture. Designed by our in-house engineers and made in the USA, Infinex carries a UL safety certification and is available in five profiles with an array of installation options.

Infinex is designed for easy DIY application


Requires ONE of the following products

TRESCO Infinex Diffuser Product no. LX72DIFFCL10
  • Finish: Clear
  • Color Group: Clear Group
Per unit
TRESCO Infinex Diffuser Product no. LX72DIFFFR10
  • Finish: Frosted
  • Color Group: Gray and Chrome Group
Per unit
TRESCO Infinex Diffuser Product no. LX72DIFFMLK
  • Finish: Milk
  • Color Group: Green, Blue, and Beige Group
Per unit


Product number
Rigid Linear
Under Cabinet, Closet, Furniture
Kitchen, Bedroom, Office
Ambience, Accent
Aluminum Profile
Lighting Type
Contemporary, Functional
Tension (V)
12 V

Measures shown with an asterisk (*) have been converted as per your preference. These are not the official measures. To view the measures specified by the manufacturer, click here.


For FlexTape options see the 12VDC Flexible section.
FlexTape slides into proprietary power feed end cap


Cut to size. Aluminum extrusions can be cut on a variety of equipment. For the best performance and longest life, use a saw blade designed for nonferrous, thin stock, on your miter saw. It is also highly recommended to cut the extrusion with a diffuser securely attached via clamps, tape, stretch wrap, etc. to prevent unwanted cracking of diffuser.

The diffusers are not included. Please add products: LX72DIFFMLK or LX72DIFFFR10 or LX72DIFFCL10


Also offered on special order prefabricated custom solutions with a minimum quantity order; please speak with your Richelieu Sale Representative All product dimensions and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
TRESCO Infinex Extrusion

Product number: LXREC72SC10