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Domino DF 700 Tenon Assortment

Product #: FS498205


- Natural hardwood (beech) tenons providing strength and stability
- They serve as floating tenons in mortise applications used in the manufacture of furniture, cabinets, cases and frames.
- Their flat and elongated shape prevents rotation, ensuring perfect alignment of edges and faces to be glued.
- They are suitable for applications on wood and plywood; thanks to their density, they will not expand and will remain invisible, leaving a clean, smooth and uniform surface.
- The tenons are embossed to form cells that hold the glue; they are shorter by about 2 mm (5/64") than their nominal length, leaving enough room in the mortise to apply the glue.


Assortment includes:
- 128 (12 mm and 14 mm) Domino XL tenons
- Domino XL cutter for size 14 and T-Loc Systainer
- Tenon assortment: 12 x 100, 12 x 140, 14 x 100, 14 x 140
Domino DF 700 Tenon Assortment

Product number: FS498205