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Drive-n-Lock Expansion Dowel

Simple and effective

The dowel pins are made of a proprietary material that expands into a boring, allowing for superior holding power without using glue while also remaining unaffected by humidity.

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Diameter 5/16 in*
Type Unglued Dowel
Brand Drive-N-Lock
Finish Black
Drilling Diameter 5/16 in*
Material Nylon

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- The unglued plastic dowel helps you save time on assembly, setup and curing while eliminating unnecessary costs.
- The dowel pin can add significantly to the holding strength of your product while eliminating the cost and cleanup of glue.
- Not affected by humidity.
- No need to change assembly techniques or machinery.
- No curing time required.
- Production never ceases.
- Once the dowel is inserted into a bored hole you will be able to continue to assemble any piece of furniture, cabinet or millwork the dowel is being used in.
- Perfect for RTA use.
- Dowel sizes are always consistent with our injection mold process.
- Drive-n-Lock dowel pins are made of nylon. Only wood dowels require compliance to FSC standards.


- Can be used in automatic dowel inserting equipment. No glue or water required.


- It is recommended to store in dry conditions.
- Must be using a 8.2 mm to 8.3 mm drill bit, depending on material.
- Tolerance from 8.25 mm to 8.5 mm when inserted, will compress and lock into place.
- Temperature will not affect tolerance of dowels.


Drive-n-Lock Expansion Dowel

To buy, select a product number or choose an option for Length option.