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Finish: Almond Black Charcoal Gray Mocha Suede White Packaging format: Box of 200 Box of 1000 Select Options
Product № Finish Packaging format
422501C240 Almond Box of 200
422501M140 Almond Box of 1000
422501C290 Black Box of 200
422501M190 Black Box of 1000
422501C2910 Charcoal Box of 200
422501M1910 Charcoal Box of 1000
422501C2100 Gray Box of 200
422501M1100 Gray Box of 1000
422501C257 Mocha Box of 200
422501C254 Suede Box of 200
422501M154 Suede Box of 1000
422501C230 White Box of 200
422501M130 White Box of 1000


The ultimate nesting solution

The PEANUT® 1 connector is designed for manufacturers who only have three-axis CNC nesting machines.

The recess for the connector and the corresponding keyhole are all machined on the face of the panel. As only face machining is required, manufacturers can create all the panels needed for a lot of furniture in one machining operation.

Once inserted, all panels made with PEANUT® components can be packed flat and, depending on the tightness of the joint, can be assembled with no tools.

The PEANUT® 1 is made of strong reinforced plastic and has rows of teeth around the body to provide high gripping strength when inserted. The body shape is designed for fast machining, requiring only a 25mm and a 5mm drill bit to create the recess for the connector. Bevelled edges make aligning the PEANUT® 1 easy, and the small 5mm notch guides the component into the perfect position.

The PEANUT® head has been specially designed to maximise ease of assembly and joint strength. Due to its dome shape, the PEANUT® head smoothly slides along the slot created by the T-shaped PEANUT® Cutter. In assembly, the PEANUT head rides over the lip of the PEANUT® slot and slides to the end. This action creates a strong clamping force, pulling the two panels together from the inside.


- A self-clamping single component connector
- Requires just one CNC machining process
- Creates an incredibly strong joint
- Quick and simple assembly of cabinets
- Can be reassembled many times
- Made from glass fiber reinforced nylon


Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon
Panel Thickness
Min. 19/32 in*

Measures shown with an asterisk (*) have been converted as per your preference. These are not the official measures. To view the measures specified by the manufacturer, click here.


Please note : a 24.9mm drill bit (Richelieu Part Number PD2517290) is optimum for the PEANUT®1. However, any 25mm drill bit can also be used (25mm is the maximum).
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