PWR DRIVE CST - General Construction Structural screw

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Ideal for Ledger Boards

The PWR DRIVE CST screw is made of hardened steel to provide a degree of high tensile strength, high torque, and super shear strength that a regular lag screw just cannot offer. This results in the instant advantage of not having to pre-drill, which is quite a time saver on the job site. The sharp threads and points bite quickly, a type 17 tip reduces wood splitting and a clearing thread, called the "U" thread, reduces the friction on the screw shank, for reduced driving torque and more importantly increased battery life for your tools. The PWR DRIVE CST has a wide flat head with nibs and under-head cutting serrations for easy countersinks and will embed in wood with an incomparable clean finish. This screw also has a T-40 firm-grip drive, that not only provides exceptional torque strength but allows the CST to stick to the bit, which is paramount when you work in less than ideal positions.

It is also worth mentioning that the PWR DRIVE CST is part of the ICC/ESR-4558 evaluation, which certifies CST as fully compliant with the International Building Code (IBC) and the International Residential Code (IRC), for both its structural properties and corrosion resistance. This is why all CST screws have head markings for easy job site inspections

For all these reasons, PWR DRIVE CST screws are a great replacement for lag screws and are the screws of choice for structural 'spec' applications.
Screw Size: 3/8 5/16 Length: 3 in 4 in 4 1/2 in 5 in 6 in 7 in 8 1/4 in 10 in 12 in Packaging format: Blister of 10 units Box of 50 Box of 50 Select Options
Product # Screw Size Length Packaging format
FTC17GO38412L 3/8 4 1/2 in Box of 50
FTC17GO386MR 3/8 6 in Blister of 10 units
FTC17GO386L 3/8 6 in Box of 50
FTC17GO387L 3/8 7 in Box of 50
FTC17GO38814MR 3/8 8 1/4 in Blister of 10 units
FTC17GO38814L 3/8 8 1/4 in Box of 50
FTC17GO3810L 3/8 10 in Box of 50
FTC17GO3812L 3/8 12 in Box of 50
FTC17GO5163MR 5/16 3 in Blister of 10 units
FTC17GO5163L 5/16 3 in Box of 50
FTC17GO5164MR 5/16 4 in Blister of 10 units
FTC17GO5164L 5/16 4 in Box of 50
FTC17GO5165MR 5/16 5 in Blister of 10 units
FTC17GO5165L 5/16 5 in Box of 50
FTC17GO5166MR 5/16 6 in Blister of 10 units
FTC17GO5166L 5/16 6 in Box of 50


- New sticky T-40 star drive
- No pre-drilling: self-tapping thread and type 17 tip
- Extra wide flat head with nibs AND CUTTING SERRATIONS for unparalleled fit and finish
- Anti-friction ''U'' thread reduces friction on the shank, improving the performance of your tool's batteries
- GOLD ACQ finish, perfect for pressure treated wood
- Super strength, ease, and execution speed


Standards and Certifications
ICC ES: ESR-4558
ACQ Rustproof
Specific Application
Structure Assembly
General Structural and Construction Screws
Steel Grade
Head Type
Oversized Flat Head
Drive required
Drive Size
Thread Type
Point Type
Type 17
2/3 threaded screw
Type of Wood
Lumber, Treated Wood


T25 and T40 drives available in every packaging count


Ideal for:
- Decking
- Raw wood
- Posts, studs, and framing
- Beams
- Landscaping use
and more!