PWR DRIVE STR - Structural framing screw

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Length: 3 in 4 1/2 in 6 in Packaging format: Box of 50 Box of 200 Box of 250 Box of 400 Select Options
Product № Length Packaging format
FTC17BR5163L 3 in Box of 50
FTC17BR5163 3 in Box of 400
FTC17BR516412 4 1/2 in Box of 250
FTC17BR5166 6 in Box of 200


Ideal for deck structure assemblies

The PWR DRIVE STR is designed to replace lag screws for framing decks or to alleviate the need for standard #10 deck screws leading to potential structural problems. The design of the STR is specific to dimensional lumber used in deck structures and pretty much any other framing needs for that matter, which allows maximum assembly strength.

By figuring out all the possible assemblies of a structure, using a mix of 2 x 6 in (152 mm), 2 x 8 in (203 mm), 2 x 10 in (254 mm), 4 x 4 in (101.6 mm), and 6 x 6 in (152 mm), you can cover all possible combinations with only five different lengths of the STR. Fewer screws are necessary to cover anything you may encounter on the jobsite.

Each pack of the STR includes a handy reference for the correct lumber combinations ideal for a specific length. Note that the required T-40 tip is included in each pack except in bulk.


Screw Size
Head Type
Oversized Flat Head with Nibs
Drive required
Thread Type
Coarse Thread and Type 17
Point Type
Type 17
Specific Application
Structure Assembly
Standards and Certifications
ICC ES: ESR-4558
Threaded Optimized for Dimensional Lumber
ACQ Rustproof
Deck Framing Structures
Steel Grade
Type of Wood
Lumber, Treated Wood


T40 bit is included in all packaging.


- Specific thread lengths for more strength
- New sticky T-40 star drive
- No pre-drilling: self-tapping thread and type 17 tip
- Extra wide flat head with nibs for unparalleled fit and finish
- Anti-friction ''U'' thread reduces friction on the shank, improving the performance of your tool's batteries
- Brown sienna ACQ finish, perfect for pressure treated wood
- Super strength, ease, and execution speed


Ideal for:
- Deck framing
- Timber
- Posts and framework
- Beam assemblies
- Landscaping
- And much more!
PWR DRIVE STR - Structural framing screw
PWR DRIVE STR - Structural framing screw
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