148BC Pocket Door Frame and Hardware Kit

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Quick and easy installation

Complete steel system for wood pocket doors. Kit for 2 x 4 construction. Set for concealed pocket door installation. Width is adjustable to fit the wall interior with various wall thickness and various wall materials and structures.
Load Capacity: 150 lb 250 lb Overall Length: 72 in 96 in Door Height: 80 in 84 in 96 in Door Width: 24 to 36 in 24 to 48 in Roller Type: Axle (Bushing) Ball Bearing Packaging format: Box Per unit Select Options
Product # Load Capacity Overall Length Door Height Door Width Roller Type Packaging format
148150BC 150 lb 72 in 80 in 24 to 36 in Axle (Bushing) Per unit
1485150BC 150 lb 72 in 80 in 24 to 36 in Ball Bearing Per unit
1487150BC 150 lb 72 in 84 in 24 to 36 in Ball Bearing Per unit
1488150BC 150 lb 72 in 96 in 24 to 36 in Ball Bearing Per unit
1488250BC 250 lb 96 in 96 in 24 to 48 in Ball Bearing Box


Can be cut to door dimensions.


Door Material
Door Thickness
1 3/8 to 1 3/4 in
Mill Finish (M), Mill Finish
Packaging Format
White Cardboard with Photo Label
Product type
Hardware for Bypassing Doors
Manufacturing Material
Number of Doors
Door Position
Concealed Inside Wall
Roller Position
Door Movement
Pocket Door, Straight Sliding
Track Mounting
Ceiling Mount
Groove Needed for Guiding System
Closet and Walk-In Closet, Storage, Pocket Door



Two roller carriers with 4 ball bearings and an extruded aluminum track. Steel studs have wood inserts to attach plywood panels.


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Never exceed maximum load or dimensions recommended by the manufacturer.
Never spray aerosol lubricant on these products.
Always remove debris/dust/residues (sawdust and/or aluminum) from the rails using a dry cloth before installing carriages bearing.


For bi-parting door application, use 24625005IP kit


Picture for visual reference only: actual product may vary from that shown in photo.
Be sure to order hardware before beginning fabrication or installation work.
Always use the instructions inside the packaging provided by the manufacturer, as the manufacturer reserves the right to make technical changes or modify information without prior notice.
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Never exceed the maximum weight or the maximum dimensions recommended by the manufacturer.
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Use a dry cloth to remove fragments, dust, and residue (wood and/or aluminum sawdust) from rails before the installation of the hangers.
Never use any spray lubricant on these products.

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