Rolling Wood Ladder on Curve Rails

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Brake wheels

The Rolling Wood ladder with swivel upper rollers and bottom brake wheels travels around 90 degree corners on curved rail segments.

The brake wheels automatically stop the ladder from moving when someone has stepped onto the ladder.

- Ladder and hardware weight capacity of 300 lb (136 kg)
- Ladder is made of unfinished maple wood and comes unassembled
- Hardware kits include components to assemble a seven-step 96 in (2438 mm) ladder for a 91 in (2311 mm) hook-on rail mounting height
- Upper rollers are telescopic so ladder may be stored vertically against the cabinet or wall
- Standard curved rail segments with 16" radius corners
- Vertical and horizontal mount support brackets for upper rail
- Select from hardware finishes in black and painted satin nickel
- Tracks can be joined for longer lengths with a Splice Kit
- Special order is available for taller ladders and different wood species
- Hardware kits are offered separately for those who wish to build their own ladder
- Additional step supports available for ladders great then 96" tall and with more than seven steps

An ideal solution for residential spaces, including kitchens, walk-in closets and pantries, home offices, libraries and storage areas.
Type: L-Shape Rail U-Shape Rail Finish: Matte Black Painted Satin Nickel Select Options
Product # Type Finish
WEBKIT1245628 L-Shape Rail Matte Black
WEBKIT1245629 L-Shape Rail Painted Satin Nickel
WEBKIT1245630 U-Shape Rail Matte Black
WEBKIT1245631 U-Shape Rail Painted Satin Nickel


- Swivel upper rollers to travel around corners
- Unassembled seven-step wood ladder
- Telescopic upper rollers so that the ladder may be stored vertically against the cabinet or wall without lifting off the track
- Splice kit for joining tracks


Ladder Width
16 in
Ladder Hook-On Height
91 in
Upper Roller Type
Swivel Roller
Bottom Wheel Type
Brake Wheels
Load Capacity
300 lb
Overall Length
96 in
Manufacturing Material


- Mount brackets at a maximum of every 32 in (812 mm); use four brackets for a 96 in (2438 mm) track
- Rolling hook hardware cannot be used on curved tracks


- Please make sure to read the entirety of the installation manual before proceeding with the installation. - Wear safety gear such as gloves, safety glasses, safety shoes, and ear protection. - Every fastener used to attach the track to the wall must be fastened securely into a structural surface. - Always remove debris/dust/residues (sawdust and/or aluminum) from all tracks and guide channels using a dry cloth during installation and before operating the system. - Never spray lubricant. - Do not exceed stated limitations and parameters. There will be early wear and performance failure, this voids warranty. - Pictures provided for visual reference only: actual product may vary. - All required hardware should be ordered and obtained prior to initiating fabrication or installation work. Please verify that the parts and quantities listed in your order are correct before proceeding to checkout. - Always use instructions provided by the manufacturer, as included with the product. Manufacturer reserves the right to amend, modify, or otherwise supplement any previously issued product and/or technical information, as deemed required from time to time, without prior notice. - The documentation, drawings, and instructions on this page apply to the system described on this page only. Richelieu expressly declines all responsibility for any design or construction that combines this system with systems from this same manufacturer or systems from other manufacturers. - Installation of the product shall be executed by qualified individuals only, always ensuring that each product is securely installed using proper fixation methods, as appropriate for each applicable substratum. We trust that anyone installing these products has the required skills, knowledge, and experience. Richelieu expressly disclaims any liabilities for results obtained through improper use or installation.